What a difference 6 weeks make!

This morning we had a nice leisurely 3.5 mile jaunt around town finishing off with some pad work at the gym. It was a nice change of pace and nice to punch hell out of the pads for a while, get my upper body working a wee bit!

The main thing today was the realisation how much I have changed, physically yes a little bit, but mentally the change has been pretty big.

When I got home Becky asked how far we had gone, I answered “Only 3.5 miles.” ONLY 3.5 miles? 6 weeks ago I would have taken the car and driven the whole 1/2 mile to ASDA! This has been the biggest change, my attitude. I think nothing of heading out for a 5.5 mile session round Elgin; in fact the other night I found myself up by the Buccaneer Garage while out and about for a walk. The old me would have been horribly negative about the fact I would have had to walk about a mile and a half to get home, but the new me not only couldn’t care less, but wanted to push further and further.

This whole getting fit really is a mental game, I would say easily 75% mental 25% physical. Everything I do is governed by my mental attitude, when my body physically hurts, it’s my brain that’s telling me to grow a set and keep going, it’s my positive attitude that’s pushing me forward, not the fact that I find it physically easy. I still have to work within the physical constraints of my body of course, so I do sometimes have to reign myself in and remind myself that if I push too hard I’ll do myself a mischief.