Weekend; Done!

First weekend nearly in the bag, have mainly been squatting this rotund frame of mine and walking round pushing the boy in his pushchair like a maniac this weekend.

Saturday was fairly relaxed, Becky wanted to do some fun packed spring cleaning so I took the boy for a wee jaunt round the Cooper Park (1.9 miles total), sure it’s nothing intensive but I kept a good pace and it was better than sitting on my fat arse all day.

Today was supposed to be a day filled with glorious sunshine, instead it pissed rain like it was the end of days, with this in mind the family were none to keen on joining me in a fun packed stroll/swim around Elgin (2.4 miles); admittedly culminating in a small iced tea from Costa, my wee treat for the weekend I suppose; Becky had a hot chocolate the size of a Nissan Micra so I think I resisted temptation pretty well.

My back and feet are still playing silly buggers, I need to figure out some new workouts that won’t destroy them; the last thing I want is to stop, quite the opposite, I’d love nothing more than to head out for a run but I know doing so will only reduce me to a quivering pile of pain. I know Spike will keep me right so it’s all good.

I hand in my first weeks food diary to Spike tomorrow, I don’t think it’s to bad; I think if anything some of my evening meals are a wee bit carb heavy but we’ll see what he says tomorrow. Seeing as I have hand writing like a 5 year old Klingon child I’ll get them typed up for him, he has a hard enough job helping me lose weight without having to decipher my hieroglyphic-esque hand writing.