New Beginnings

On Monday the 4th of April, I start a new career, a totally fresh slate. It’s more than a clean slate for my career though, it’s a fresh new beginning for Operation Beastmode.

I badly let myself down when I put most of my weight back on, I won’t go into specific reasons why I let it happen, suffice to say it was avoidable; I have had a tough few years and it got on top of me.

Now feels like a good time, things are once again looking up and I know that with a double dose of positivity I can once again find some traction and really focus hard again.

I’m starting to feel the negative side of being big again, bad knees, ankles, back, poor sleeping pattern and generally lethargic. I miss the feeling of looking in the mirror and seeing the benefits of hard work, hell I miss being able to walk into a “normal” high street shop and buy clothes off the rack!

The benefits of losing weight by far outweigh the blood sweat and tears I’ll endure from the 4th, worth every single wheezy breath, crippling DOMS and early morning.

So here we go again, I’ll weigh myself tomorrow, start back at square one and get back in the game!