Generosity, support and the end game!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at Beast Mode HQ, I’m creeping ever closer to my target of 120kg and it got me to thinking, now that I’m here, why stop? I only picked 120kg because it’s the upper weight limited for a Heavy Weight MMA fighter, it was the closest benchmark I had so I took it. Now that I’m a large bowel movement away from my target, I have decided to drop it to 100kg, another 20kg to lose. It makes sense for me to keep going, I have momentum and quite frankly from an aesthetic perspective I’m not there yet. I feel like I’m in a comfortable routine now with Operation Beastmode, this can only mean one thing, push harder! If I don’t keep pushing the limits and trying to test myself, I’ll simply fall into a mundane routine and will lose interest, gotta keep moving forward! Once I hit the 100kg target, the bulk of Operation Beast Mode will be over, that’s not to say I won’t ever stop improving and working on my fitness, but my main reason for becoming so public will essentially be over. I have decided that once I’m there, I will hand over the reigns to someone else, someone who like me, has had enough, someone who wants to make that change and really do something about it. The support the community has shown me has been stunning, so by passing on the torch to the next person it too can help them achieve their goals; I’ll address this further down the line.

On the subject of support, I really honestly couldn’t have done this without the people that read this site and follow the Facebook page. It really is amazing to me that so many people genuinely care about the project; what’s even more mind blowing is the somewhat unexpected by-product is that some people have said they felt inspired by what I’m doing, inspired to make that change in their own lives. It may sound trivial, but it really is quite a big deal to me, that actions I have taken have had such a profound effect on people it’s inspired them to become more motivated, to become more driven and to make such life changing actions and address their own fitness issues. I really didn’t think I’d be getting messages/email from people with such kind words, telling me how I have changed their mindset and helped them take that first step; it blows my mind even more that people ask for MY advice! 7 months ago I was 27 stone and here I am today dispensing advice from my own personal experience! It’s madness I tells ya!

Onto something a little less deep now. For a number of years I have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, not only has it been great for my social life and fitness, it’s opened my eyes to a whole new sub culture. One of my favourite figures in the BJJ community is a chap called Seymour Yang who goes by the moniker Meerkatsu. He is an amazing illustrator and a great writer, I stared reading his Gi reviews on his blog and of course followed his design work. Being a larger chap back then I was pretty restricted to the clothing designs I could buy, you just didn’t get cool gear in my sizes, however I found one of his rashguards in an XXL size, I also scooped up a few patches for my new custom made Gi, I was happily a bit of a Meerkatsu geek!
I recently sent him a photo  of me before and after my weight loss, I had jokingly said that it was clearly his fault that I was fat back then given I was wearing one of his Gi patches in my first photo, and in the second photo I was sans patch and far slimmer; irrefutable evidence that wearing his merchandise makes you fat! He replied complimenting me on my progress and we had a good chat, what was even cooler was that he offered to send me a couple of new rashguards from his stock! A few days later a package arrived with some awesome freebies.

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I am hugely grateful to Seymour for his awesome generous gifts, I was a fan before and I’m most definitely a fan now! You should absolutely check out his website and his Facebook page, he also sells his printed artwork on Redbubble.

Until next time, fire Beast Mode ON and get it done!