Week 6 done!

Well that’s the 3rd weigh in done and dusted, while I’m a little disappointed that it was only 2.7Kg I’m happy it’s still going in the right direction!

I feel like I’m finding my stride now with getting out there and exercising, so now it’s time to look at my diet. My diet isn’t bad, just not very consistent; so starting this week I’m going very strict portions and food types. Minimal carbs no later than 12 noon, no bread, no cheese, no milk and no sugar. I have been eating the aforementioned treats in sensible portions over the past 6 weeks, however it’s time to stamp them out until I’m at a weight I’m happy with.

Week 6 Weigh in results


What did surprise me was that I have lost 12.3Kg so far, that’s 1lb from 2 stone so that was a nice boost! it’s nice to see the above graph (get your own one here!) going down the way, while it’s not dropping like a lead balloon it is dropping so I’m pretty happy that I’m doing this as a sustainable pace.

Talk about sustainability, I have noticed that my knees and ankles seem to be easing up a little, I still get the odd shooting pain in my feet/ankles at times, and my knees are a wee bit stiff when I get going but all in all I’m seeing an improvement. I’m not sure if that’s down to repeated joint exercise or the supplements I’m taking on a daily basis:

1 Cod liver oil
1 Vitamin D3
Glucosamine HCL & Chondroitin
4 (2 morning, 2 evening)Alpha Men

(From MyProtien.com, remember to use my code MP18675994 🙂 )

I suppose only time will tell, the more weight I lose the easier my joints should find it!