I have been rather neglectful of late, the Facebook page has been the main battleground for updates and as such the site has been somewhat abandoned, I’ll try and make more of an effort to post up some info from time to time!

One thought I was having, was the idea of motivation, specifically finding motivation to exercise. Lots of people have said they wished they had some of my motivation, or if I could bottle and sell it I’d be rich, but in reality that’s not the case.

Here’s the big secret, I’m not motivated, I’m not driven to succeed; I don’t want to push myself to dizzy new peaks of physical perfection; the truth is I’m stubborn.

Do I want to get up at 7am in the pouring rain and howling wind for a run? Hell no! Do I want to go lift heavy stuff for an hour in the gym? Nope…do I want go to train BJJ? Well yes, yes I do actually but that last one is an anomaly!

However there is a force for more powerful than my dislike of physical activity, and that’s my stubbornness. I know I need to exercise, it simply has to happen for my continued results, if I don’t train, or perhaps contemplate missing a session, my inner dialogue kicks in, getting the guilt glands primed, preparing excuses and justifications for not training, but at the end of it all, my bloody mindedness kicks in, telling me to man up and get it done! I know that if I stop or slow down, I’m letting myself, my family, friends and the wee community on the Operation Beastmode Facebook Page down, my stubborn streak makes sure that even though I don’t want to do it, I must. Conditioning your brain this way took a while to be honest, it’s almost like cutting down on the thought process for preparing to train. Instead of sitting on the couch, thinking you have to get up, get changed, get your gear on, plan your route, throw in continued reasons why sitting on the couch is the justifiable option, simply stand up, don’t think about it, do it! Once your up just go, stop thinking, start doing!

Here is an actual example. Last week I was lying in my bed, my 0630hrs alarm went off to wake me for my morning run, it was cold and raining, I lay there enjoying the warmth and comfort of my bed, the excuses started to creep in, “I’ll do an extra few miles the rest of the week”, I was starting to talk myself out of, the other reasons then started to flood in and to be honest some of them sounded pretty good; then simply because I knew what was happening I got the hell out of bed, stuck on my running gear and left the house all in the space of 10 minutes. I simply switched my brain off, let my body engage and away I went.

So next time you’re sitting there, making excuses not to train, simply let your inner stubborn mule come out, stop thinking of excuses, stand up and take the first step, because nobody else is going to do it for you!