Guest Post: Levi Bunyan

I have decided I want to try and feature regular guest posts, so if you have a weight loss story to tell shoot me an email to and we’ll talk!


Hello! My name is Levi Bunyan, I’m 26 and hail from the not so sunny Granite City aka Aberdeen, in Scotland. I started my journey in October 2013 and to date I’ve lost 42kg (92lbs / 6St 8Lbs).

My journey started as most peoples will I guess, I was at the doctors for a routine check up and he asked if he could weigh me. I said sure, hesitantly, as I had always been afraid of the scales, and knowing my real weight. I stepped on, and the numbers shot up. All the way to a terrifying 186kg. I always knew I was fat, looking at photos of myself I knew I wasn’t in great shape and things needed to change, but I didn’t realise I was quite that heavy. The doctor told me if things kept going the way they were then I’d not be looking to a very successful future – Diabetes, Heart attack, risk of dying young. It was a pretty terrifying wake up call.


Guest Post: Jodie Bear

For the first time, a woman as a guest poster!

She has had a cracking journey so far losing 91lbs in 10 months! A great read! Another story showing the potential for dramatic body changes using BJJ as a main method of weight loss.


My journey so far -91lbs ( 6stone 7lbs )

Hey there guys, the name is Jodie, or Jodie Bear. And here is my story so far.

At the start of 2013 I was 336lbs (24 stone) at 5ft 10″ and 18years old, that’s pretty bad…. No scratch that… Really really bad! I’ve always been big, as a child I was bullied mainly because of my weight. Because of this I used to comfort eat and thus gain more weight, Going into high school I still got bullied. I used to have no confidence and used to hide away in the library at break and lunch times. In the last few years I had a group of friends and stopped hiding away from the world I got to know people. Leaving high school I must have been around 16stone if not more. Always wanting to be a tattoo artist I set out to get an apprenticeship. After all the hunting I managed to get one in a local studio. At this time I must have been pushing 17-18 stone (238lbs – 252lbs)
With a Gregg’s (pastries galore) and with a job where the most of it I was sat on my backside 90% of the day didn’t help. By this time I accepted the fat jokes and made jokes about myself too.


Guest Blog: James Keith

I have yet another inspirational guest blog, this time from my man over the pond in the good ol US of A. James (Yimmy) has done an amazing job with his weight loss and I’m proud to share his story (and photos!) with you all here!


My names is James Keith.  I’m 24 and I reside in Toledo, Ohio, USA.  In the last 100 days I have dropped 80 pounds and a lot of bad habits.

I’ll never forget the day I stepped on the scale in the doctor’s office and the number 377(lbs/171kg) was read back to me.  Like a lot of overweight people I did not make a habit of stepping on the scale.  I went through high school without having my feet grace one.  I knew my habits were bad. Despite knowing the problem, I was unprepared to see the extent of it in numerical form.  I had avoided seeing myself weigh within the 200s.


Guest Blog: Ross Southwell

Time for another guest blog, very similar to Craig’s story, except this time we have an added body building element to the story. Another inspirational story I’m sure you’ll agree! Enjoy!


Hey Folks

My name is Ross, I’m a pretty normal 26 year old guy living in the north of Scotland. While I’m only 26 I’ve had a pretty interesting time of it as far as fitness and my physique goes.

In my younger days I ate…… A Lot. I didn’t care about nutrition only how tasty the next item of food was and how much of it there would be. Id sneak food, spend my lunch money all on junk and a personal favourite was to be at a friend’s house be offered dinner, accept it then go home for seconds.

My friends and I enabled each other and for a long time I was pretty happy with it.

As you can imagine this made me gain weight. This went on for years and I got pretty big. By the time I was in secondary school I was about 18/19 stone. My only saving grace was Rugby. It gave me exercise and helped fight off any more weight.



On leaving school I got an IT job and the weight began to climb again. Mainly due to a sedentary lifestyle and frequent visits to the pub coupled with a still unhealthy diet.


Guest Blog: Craig Fitch

I’m very lucky in that I know lots of people who have been on a similar journey to me, these people have certainly inspired me to keep going; so I asked some of them to share their stories with you guys.

Here is Craig’s story, if this doesn’t resonate or send a rocket up your arse then nothing will!


My names Craig Fitch, I am 25 years old, 5ft 10 inches and I used to be morbidly obese. This is a short blog on my 8 stone plus weight loss in the space of 6 months.

I was the fat kid in school always hoping that I would grow out of being overweight rather than actually having to put in the hard work to lose the weight myself. However after the break down of my parents’ marriage and in the introduction of drinking into my diet my weight sky rocketed.

Looking back I can see clearly the source of my weight gain. I used to eat a lot of fast food and takeaways before going out drinking and again after closing time and I also loved drinking full fat fizzy juice.  These habits went on for about 3 or 4 years with my weight peaking at 21 stone (133kg / 294pounds). Being average height for a guy I looked as wide as I did tall with a massive amount of my weight being carried in my legs and bum making walking uncomfortable and running impossible.