Another week down!

Another week down!

It’s been another good week, lots of walking our round and about Elgin, the chiropractor gave my back a good service and I’m finally getting used to my new eating patterns.

Finished off the week yesterday with a cracking walk round the lake at Millbuies, a beautiful walk! The problem was it was a nice walk with the family, which ordinarily isn’t a problem at all, however offroad walk + child in a buggy = major upper body workout! I had to carry the loon and his buggy a few times, the inclines were mad, tree roots the size of a small family car and boulders that looked like they were dumped their by glaciers….ok perhaps a slight embellishment, it was still a  tough route (only 2.7 miles) with a buggy all the same. Lesson learned.

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I get weighed tonight for the 2nd time, so I’m hoping for a good loss. Either way, good bad or ugly I’ll post up the results tonight or more likely tomorrow morning.

Keep on beast mode-ing!