Another Day, another early start.

Had another good wander with Spike this morning, was feeling a little sore and stiff from yesterday but otherwise in pretty good form (I think!!). It was particularly hard leaving the house this morning, the wee man had just woken up and was happily sat in his wee PJs at the top of the stairs waving me out into the -5 morning that awaited us!

Today I decided to track our wee patrol using MyTracks, it tracks everything from speed, elevation, distance and it bundles it into a nice handy wee Google Map that you can now see below. In total it was a little under 4 miles so I’m happy with that to be honest, baby steps and all that!

View larger map

(Click the “Larger Map” link and it’ll show you elevation, speed etc if you lick the info link on the full size map; pretty cool eh?)

I have the next few mornings off, but instead I’ll make sure I go out at night for a good wander; I’ll nip out at lunchtime today too and do a few laps of the block to make sure my legs, feet, ankles and knees don’t seize up!

While it’s a bit of a thought getting up early doors (well it’s early for me!!) into the freezing cold morning, it really is pretty awesome. The fresh air, the good conversation, the people and of course the benefit of actually being active is a great start to the day. If I can do it, so can you!